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Proudly servicing the Central Alberta Region

Family owned and operated, proudly servicing the Central Alberta Region, KJA Septic Services Inc. cleans, pumps and repairs septic tanks, holding tanks and aerobic tanks for both residential and commercial customers.

We offer year round and emergency services, as well as locating and digging services. Our equipment is up to date and well maintained. KJA Septic Services Inc. is certified by the Alberta Onsite Wastewater Association. We also hold Vac Truck Technician certification from the National Association of Wastewater Technicians. We keep up to date with regulatory changes, system challenges and the latest industry research and technology. By following the practices mentioned above we are able to run a safe and efficient company that abides by all industry standards and regulations.


Our vision is to be the preferred choice for septic system services and portable sanitation in  Red Deer and central Alberta. as a family-owned and operated business we realize this Vision by always putting our customers needs first and responding with our value-added services.

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Your Septic System

KJA Septic Services Inc. values the importance of education, and we make a conscientious effort to provide guidance to our new customers who may not be familiar with septic tank systems and how they function.  We provide all the do’s and don’ts, the when and why of septic tank systems and the installation and maintenance procedures to ensure our customers get the most out of their systems with fewer preventable repairs along the way.

At KJA Septic Services Inc. we won’t take any shortcuts or pump unnecessarily.  If we can’t fix it, we simply won’t do it.

Septic Tank Inspection

Septic systems are an important part of any home or building and should be tested by a septic inspector trained under association septic inspection standards.

A septic inspection is required when selling a home with a septic system. The septic inspection is required by the buyer or the lending institution.


Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic care and water conservation will help extend the life of your septic system.

The regular upkeep of your septic tank should be a fundamental necessity. Even the best built tanks need to be routinely checked, maintained and repaired to keep them operating efficiently.



Septic Tank Pumping

All septic tanks require a pump out when the solids that gather in the tank begin to reach the septic tanks capacity. The septic tank needs to be pumped when the solid accumulation is between 30% – 50% of the tank’s total capacity.

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Septic Tank Cleaning

“KJA Septic Services” offers residential and commercial options for Septic Tank Cleaning. When you need service, repair, or maintenance, we are a quick phone call away.


Inspection and Maintenance Program

  • On-site inspection and maintenance of the septic system components
  • Documentation of liquid levels and solids accumulation to determine when a pump-out is required
  • Effluent filter cleaning
  • Effluent pump, control float and high level alarm operation verification
  • Inspecting leach field dispersal area

Benefits of regular septic tank maintenance

  • Expand the life of your tank
  • Increases working efficiency
  • Decreases chance of septic tank failure
  • Cheaper alternative to replacing your septic tank

Septic Tank Cleaning Program

  • Cleaning and Maintenance of tanks
  • Cleaning Grease Trap
  • Sewage Pump Chambers
  • Cesspit Cleaning and Drilling Mud
  • Pond Cleaning/Concrete Slurry Wash
  • Cleaning of Water Tank

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We are fully licensed and equipped to offer you septic services. We are fully licensed to pump sewer and grease and have the experience and care to work on residential, commercial and even restaurant tanks.

(403) 746-2778 

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